Working group

The ENRLMM Big Data Working Group was established in Milan in 2015 and is responsible for observing the continuous developments in Big Data in Labour Market Monitoring and for informing the Members of the Network regularly about the advancements in this area. The Big Data Working Group involves experts from different countries, representing data providers for regional labour market monitoring, researchers on the methodological, legal, and ethical aspects.


Observe Developments

Assume an observing function on the developments made in applying Big Data in regional and local labour market monitoring

Exchange Information

Exchange information on the state of art in the usage of Big Data

Good Practice

Register further developments and make them available to all Network Members and interested persons, also in the form of good practice examples


Provide visibility of the EN RLMM through this one-of-a-kind Big Data Working Group


Initiate strategic co-operations between the Big Data Working Group, Cedefop and DG Employment


Improve governance of regional and local labour markets in Europe.

Public Research

Analyse the need of public research money for the development phase if regional and local observatories are to use Big Data systematically

Improve Skills

Improve the skills and knowledge of the regional and local labour market observatories (there are currently few specialists)